where the truth lies


Firstly, we must pay homage to the original BurningShenanigans.com website. It was created well before this lawsuit was filed, it is a website that offers insight into a variety of different topics, some of which are related to firefighting. Somehow this lawsuit ended up on their radar screen and they began to cover the case. We applaud them for their interest, and for shedding light on the intricacies and injustices of this case.

Our intentions are not to steal their website, but to create a website for readers that only want to focus their attention on this legal case. This website, BS2, will only be here temporarily… until this case reaches it’s final conclusion. We’ll then relinquish the name back to it’s rightful owner.

If you are not familiar with this case you can find the Statement of Claim and the Statement of Defence within the ‘Post’ section. We wish to make one thing perfectly clear……we fully support Paul Atkinson and Colin Grieve. This frivolous lawsuit was filed by a corrupt organization with the sole intention of harassing and slandering Atkinson and Grieve. The OPFFA knew there was no chance of the lawsuit succeeding in a court of law. Carmen Santoro’s envy and greed led him and the OPFFA to attempt to destroy the reputation, business, and personal lives of these two men. After three years, and over 1.2 million dollars of widows’ and members’ donations spent, the OPFFA have not proven a single one of their claims.  

The posts/articles placed on this site can be validated by court documents and by OPFFA documents. We leave it up to you to do your own due diligence.

“Pay Attention To Everything And The truth Will Always Reveal Itself”

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