A character assassination of brian george taken from the affidavit of fred leblanc

Court File No. CV16550104


I, Fred LeBlanc, of the City of Kingston, Ontario MAKE OATH AND SAY:

I am currently the 13th District Vice-President for the International Association of FireFighters. Between June 2002 and June 2012, I was the President of the Ontario Professional FireFighters’ Association (OPFFA). I have personal knowledge of the matters contained in this affidavit.

Brian George

At the 2008 OPFFA Convention, George was given an honorary life membership. George had recently decided not to run for re-election and the membership wanted to recognize his contribution to the organization. The Board Recommendation approving the honorary life membership stated it was in appreciation for and recognition of Georges lifelong dedication to the representation of Ontarios professional fire fighters. A copy of the Board Recommendation is attached to this affidavit as Exhibit A.

However, in 2010, George joined management at the London Fire Department when he was promoted to Deputy Fire Chief. He was now on the opposite side of the bargaining table, and proceeded to play a central role in collective bargaining. The executive of the London local felt that many of Georges actions in that role were deliberately intended to undermine their authority No SPECIFICS and credibility, and were also highly prejudicial to the bargaining unit as a whole.

As a result, at the 2011 OPFFA Convention, the London local proposed a resolution – the very first resolution at that Convention – to strip George of his honorary life membership. The resolution read, in part:

(i) Mr. George has directly or indirectly attempted to undermine the authority and credibility of members of the London Professional Fire Fighters Association Executive Board; and

(ii) Mr. George has conducted himself in such a manner as to prejudice bargaining unit members and damage the relationship between the Executive Board of the LPFFA and Corporation of the City of London and its representatives; and

(iii) Mr. George has taken prejudicial positions and/or made damaging statements in relation to significant issues to the membership, including with respect to hour shifts and sick leave payouts; and

(iv) Mr. George has publicly and privately challenged the honesty and integrity of some Executive Board Members of the LPFFA.

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