A Subjective Evaluation of Carmen Santoro from the Original Burning Shenanigans Comment section.

A few years ago, Carmen while acting as an Advocate for the Board of Arbitration he would bill the Local Association/or his own Local for substitution days, travel, hotel accommodation, mileage, plus other expenses, while staying at his girlfriend’s house. In addition, he received his full-time Captain salary with the town of Oakville and I.A.F.F fees of over $300 per day.

The Peterborough union Local and Carmen agreed on a gift/price for Carmen’s advocacy work, which he calls a gift. Although a gift is what someone gives; not a fee for service rendered. After the contract was signed Carmen Santoro stated he wanted more of a gift for the work he had done which was between $10,000 and $12,000.

Due to the increased gift, the Peterborough association had to assess Active and Retired members to pay Carmine’s new increased bill.

Carmen then proceeded to Brantford to do their Arbitration and billed the same: Mileage; Substitution Days; $300 per day USD; and a $10,000 gift.

It is mandatory that this income is to be reported to the Canada Revenue Agency. Carmen did the same  advocacy work for his own local of Oakville. An audit was done showing the results of not paying tax. When questioned Carmen threatened, yelled, and initiated the process to get the local board booted out.

When a Court Claim came against Carmen and his cronies, Carmen stepped down from his job as president of the OPFFA claiming health reasons and then PTSD. At the same time, six other executive members stepped down along side Carmen….once they realized they may be held responsible for being a part of the frivolous lawsuit as well.

Funny enough, while on Worker’s Compensation and receiving full pay, Carmen did not go back to work on light duty and was unable to perform any type of work for over 2 years. Yet Carmen continued to be paid as the president in Oakville, went to Labor meetings with Management, attended work golf tournaments, lobbied for another best friend Kevin Flynn (ex-Minister of Labor), and vacationed in Florida.

Carmen as President also appointed himself to be the Negotiation Chair  (Grievance Committee) for which he received remuneration. In addition, charging his own Oakville association $5000 gift for work he was already being compensated for on these committees, claiming it is a gift not a fee for service.

In Carmen’s lawsuit against Paul Atkinson and Colin Grieve, he accuses them of not claiming their earnings from the gifts of non-dues paying retirees (although Carmen and his Executive members insisted they did not want to represent retirees at all). Meanwhile, Paul Atkinson and Colin Grieve decided that all should be represented, the took the reins and made the decision that all Retirees should be represented as well.

As a retiree who Carmen and his union wanted  nothing to do with, and was not willing to give us any help, I thank Paul and Colin with my sincerest gratitude.

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