Hyndman's First Year - One Step Closer To Bankruptcy

The following is taken from the minutes of the 20th annual OPPFFA Convention, held in Toronto, June of 2017. It is an excerpt taken from President Rob Hyndman’s report regarding the occupational disease lawsuit (Officers Reports, Section 13 Page 2)……….“this issue has taken up the most amount of my time during my first year as president. The file has included the internal investigation, continuation of the lawsuit, the multiple motions the opposition filed, the criminal element, as well as the organizational change requirements. I am confident that the matter is moving in the proper direction and am looking forward to a resolution that will benefit both the organization as well as the families affected.”

So Mr. Hyndman, exactly how much of your time and the members money was spent dedicated to this lawsuit? Is this the cause the Progressive Conservatives winning the election? Instead of lobbying for a Firefighter supportive Party, you wasted copious amounts of time and money fighting a lawsuit with no merits?

When you mention “the multiple motions the opposition has filed” you failed to mention that the OPFFA has filed its own motions, as well as having to pay for criminal lawyers for Mr. Agarwal, since he has been subpoenaed to criminal court for his involvement in the criminal case. (Now that’s another story). Your Statement of Claim, your Disclosure, and personal testimony, are filled to the rim with these types of misleading statements and lies.

Regarding your internal investigation, how much did it cost you, the Occupational Disease Committee, and the Executive Board, to spend your time investigating these frivolous and vexatious claims. Three years into this suit and you’re no further ahead. In fact, you’re in a much worse position….you’re almost a hundred thousand dollars in debt, and have spent well over a million dollars of widow’s and member’s money so far. If you’re sincerely worried about these widows and their families wouldn’t the money you’ve wasted on this trial have been better spent donated back to the widows? But then again, not one single widow has said they are missing money.

Your so-called “criminal element” looks like it’s going to resolve itself without seeing the light of a courtroom. And your “organizational changes” were only put into place to create policies and procedures that were never originally held, and were only created to unjustly prosecute these two men, and to protect yourselves from risk. Policies such as the Indemnification fund, and the new ‘Occupational Disease Agreement to Represent’ form.

Are you still confident that this issue is moving forward in the proper direction and the resolution will benefit the organization and the families? You are deluded if you still think this to be so. If you have such confidence about the outcome of this case why was an indemnification fund created to protect the Executive Board (Carmen Santoro, before he stepped down as President, ha ha )and before the civil lawsuit was issued? The answer is simply because you knew the lawsuit had no merit and Santoro would be sued at the cost of the OPFFA members.

And what can you tell us about a “beneficial resolution” ? Beneficial to whom…. the lawyers? Without Atkinson and Grieve, which experts will be lobbying the government for more cancers to be recognized? Which experts will be battling the WSIB on behalf of these widows? Rumor has it a lawyer was hired to represent a widow with her appeal process at a cost to members of over $20,000.

And lastly, who’s going to pay the legal bills of the OPFFA. Who will cover the cost of the counter suit? Please President Hyndman, address the entire membership on this matter.                                                                                              

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