Is This The Leader We Want / 2019 in review

Once an addict, always an addict. I know that  sounds harsh but it’s the truth. Not in terms of an individual’s identity, but rather in the sense that an addict will always be at the same risk for a relapse as when they entered treatment. Any person addicted to a substance must always be vigilant because their inner addict is always there ready to pounce. The addict  must continually live by a certain set of tried-and-tested principles if they are to succeed.

If it were not for Rob Hyndman’s brave public confession to having an opioid addiction  and suffering from PTSD, I would never dare write this post. A person’s private life should stay just that, private. Especially when they are suffering with personal demons. But for some unknown reason, Mr. Hyndman felt it necessary to share his private life with the OPFFA membership.

The year 2019 started off with the terrible news that our president, Rob Hyndman, was off sick. He was tucked away neatly at the IAFF Centre Of Excellence for rehab and treatment for firefighters struggling with PTSD and addiction. Hyndman had made it known to his executives that he was struggling and needed urgent assistance. Hyndman then entered  the Maryland, USA, treatment centre around November 12th, 2018. 

Coincidentally, this was just before he was to testify under examination, in early December 2018, for  the OPFFA vs. Atkinson & Grieve civil action (See the attached letter from OPFFA lawyer Rahool Agarwal).  You see, President Hyndman had perjured himself in his written testimony. Actually, he blatantly lied as well as submitted erroneous documents to make it appear as though both Mr. Atkinson and Mr.Grieve owned properties that were not actually theirs  (you can read about this in an earlier post “Hyndman Perjured And Embarrassed Himself”). His motive had been to obtain a Mareva injunction against Atkinson and Grieve.

The IAFF Center for Excellence had done a miraculous job for Mr.Hyndman, he was able to return to Ontario on November 23rd, 2018 to perform OPFFA duties  for several days. However, he was still unable to be examined in the civil action which took place a week later in early December due to his ailments. Evidently, our president had a relapse. After being cured so quickly he was once again, supposedly, back to Maryland for treatment.

Luckily for the OPFFA, to his rescue came the third affiant,  District VP and part time private eye Ann Bryan (Carmen Santoro was the first affiant but became ill with terminal cancer and PTSD, Rob Hyndman was  the second affiant but suffered from opioid addiction and PTSD). In an astonishing feat of supernatural powers Ann Bryan was able to conjure up an almost word for word  exact same sworn statement as Rob Hydman. Oddly enough though, the one thing that had changed in Ann Bryan’s sworn statement were those damning erroneous properties were removed. 

So to recap….Hyndman submits his sworn testimony including erroneous properties to make it appear as though Mr.Grieve and Mr.Atkinson are laundering money. He does this to secure a Mereva injunction against them. When it comes time for him to testify over his statement he comes down with opioid addiction and post-traumatic stress disorder and hides away in Maryland. He then returns home, does some work for the OPPFA, then skedaddles back to Maryland.  Then instead of Hyndman testifying they send Ann Bryan to do his dirty Work. She submits the exact same sworn statement but removes the erroneous properties. The OPFFA cunningly pull a fast one on the courts. 

Fret not! All is not lost for Mr.Hyndman. Yes, he must have had a relapse precipitating his hasty  return to Maryland just days before when he should have testified. But, praise be, the IAFF Centre of Excellence worked their magic again and, lo and behold, by January 22, 2019 Mr.Hyndman was off to Los Angeles to give a NFPA 1710 presentation along side Dr. Moore-Merrell  (Senior Executive IAFF). The genial guy that he is, Hyndman shared his intinerary  with his Facebook followers stating he was at the L.A. Westin Bonaventure Hotel and Suites (see below).

This friendly and cheerful Facebook post raises the question: How much did the OPFFA and the IAFF pay Mr.Hyndman to make this presentation in Los Angeles, even though at the same time  he was supposedly in treatment for opioid addiction and PTSD which precluded him from being examined at the OPFFA vs Atkinson &Grieve civil proceedings? 

A mere two months later, President Hyndman posted a photo of a Waikiki beach along with the statement “life is good, drinking Mimosas at 8 a.m. on the beach”. This Facebook post also raises a couple questions: Did the OPFFA and IAFF pay for this trip as part of his treatment plan? Has Mr. Hyndman suffered a relapse – I don’t think it’s good for an opioid addict to be drinking alcohol at 8 a.m.? And lastly, how serious is the OPFFA taking this lawsuit? 

Let’s assume it was all coincidental… Mr.Hyndman’s leaving town to enter a detox program just as he was to testify. Let’s assume he really does suffer from an opioid addiction and PTSD. If we’re to make this concession perhaps it’s time for Mr.Hyndman to leave office. Think about it, would you use a financial planner who was an addict? Would you vote for a politician who was an addict? Would you use an advocate that was an addict? Obviously not! But here we all sit, letting Mr.Hyndman represent our interests, and handle our coffers and widow’s donations. In fact, the OPFFA is on the brink of bankruptcy. Ask them why the widows’ donations which totalled over $1,000,000.00  is gone? Ask them what happened to all the members’ per capita? Ask them if we’re any closer to ending this lawsuit after spending almost $2 million  in lawyer fees. Has any of the OPFFA Executive Board members questioned or investigated President Hyndman’s handling of the members monies over the last 4 years to make sure that the President hasn’t mishandled the finances while suffering with his PTSD and addiction problems? Was he, and is he, of sound mind when acting as the President of this Association? These questions may seem gratuitous, but keep in mind that not so long ago an OPFFA  President was caught misusing, and absconding with, OPFFA funds, illegally obtained by the use of the OPFFA credit card for personal use. He did this at the provincial level and at his own Local. We all need to open up our eyes and see the corruption all around us! I dare you to call your OPFFA rep and ask for a 2019 balance sheet or auditors report, or the 2019 convention proceedings book. You might be fed up enough to ask for these things but I bet you’ll never receive these things.

Over the course of Hyndman’s tenure have we made any inroads with the Progressive Conservative government advancing our causes? Especially after years of watching the current and  past Executive Boards courting theLiberal government for their own political agendas. Has President Hyndman advanced the work of Grieve and Atkinson, getting more cancers covered?

Let’s face it, Hyndman is not fit for duty. He is selling us all down the river by participating in this frivolous lawsuit which will result in a countersuit that’s going to cost each and every one of us hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars each. Meanwhile,  Hyndman will walk away from this legal fiasco under the cover of an indemnification policy that was secretly put into place just prior to launching this lawsuit. 

For the majority 2019 the OPFFA and it’s executive went into a cone of silence. The next news to surface in 2019 was Atkinson  and Grieve’s criminal charges being stayed, thereby deflating the OPFFA’s stronghold on their civil action. As 2020 progresses you can’t help but to wonder what’s going through the OPFFA’s mind, did they error by proceeding with civil litigation rather than talking it out through arbitration, which, by the way, was on the table but they declined the offer. Does anybody have an exact figure of the cost of this litigation at this point? Here are some quick calculations since June of 2019, assuming we are each being assessed somewhere between $2 and $3…. 

11,000 members at $2 per month over 8 months equals $176,000. Therefore since June 19th,2019 an additional $176,000.00 of members’ money has been paid to OPFFA lawyer, Rahool Agarwal.

What about $3/month?

11,000 members at $3  per month over 8 months equals $264,000. Therefore since June 19th, 2019 an additional $264,000.00 of members’ money has been paid to OPFFA lawyer, Rahool Agarwal.

The one thing that is obviously clear is the person who is benefiting the most from the OPFFA civil action is lawyer Rahool Agarwal. At this point he has made well over $1.7 million  in retainer and litigation costs. What a cash cow we the members have become to him! 

You need to call your local OPFFA executive and ask them what is happening with our money, what has been achieved over the last 4 years, and what do they expect to achieve in the coming year. The only thing I see us achieving is more debt. 

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