OPFFA Cries "Copy Cat Letters Of Agreement" - But Who Copied Who?

In Carmen Santoro and the OPFFA’s Statement of claim Carmen states “using their [Atkinson and Grieve] own letter of agreement that was confusingly similar in form and  content to the OPFFA Letter of Agreement as a means of securing unlawful payments. “

The OPFFA has continually alleged that Atkinson and Grieve created a “copy cat”  Letter of Intent as a way of confusing clients. In both Rob Hyndman’s and Ann Bryan’s Affidavits they make the same statement. 

The thing is, Grieve created that Letter of Agreement long before he ever became an advocate at the  OPFFA. He created it in Hamilton and it  was used for many years in Hamilton. Eventually, the OPFFA copied his Original version!  How do we know this?  Fred Leblanc swore to it in his Affidavit. It’s all posted down below,  along with the two agreements, Grieve’s version is on the right hand side (or on the bottom if you are viewing by cell phone).


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