photographer captures four weasels hanging out in an urban setting

Of course, I’m speaking colloquially. In this sense of the word I’m referring to people who are cunning, conniving, shifty, sneaky, scheming, liars, and cheats. In respect to these four men in the photo, they have perjured themselves, lied to the OPP, and even harassed elderly widows for money. 

Even worst than a Weasel is the Narcissistic Weasel. It is extremely difficult to deal with these people. They don’t care about you, their job, or anybody but themselves. They insist that everyone must do things their way, which they insist is the only way.  All they crave is power, control, and accolades.  Narcissistic Weasels believe everything they think and do is right. But underneath it all Narcissistic Weasels are very insecure.  Stand up to them and they retreat with their tail between their legs. Do you know any Narcissistic. 

Andrew Lee, while working for the OPFFA, telephoned clients of Atkinson and Grieve and harassed them to make donations to the OPFFA, bringing some of these women to tears. These are clients that have no obligation to donate to the OPFFA because their spouses were never members of the OPFFA. I believe this action by Lee will lead to a fraud investigation. This is the same Andrew Lee who was found masturbating in a town of Oakville vehicle while on duty by some bystanders. 

Fred Leblanc lied in Criminal Court while on the stand. He stated he didn’t know about the policy of destroying WSIB claims once they were closed.  We know this is a lie because we have read the document prepared by a law firm which he hired directing him to do just that. He stated he had no idea that Atkinson and Grieve received gifts. We know this is a lie from the testimony of ex OPFFA executive, Brian George, who stated that the entire executive were aware and had no problem with it because they  were all accepting gifts as well when they did their advocacy work.

Rob Hyndman perjured himself when he knowingly lied to the courts when he stated in his affidavit that Atkinson and Grieve owned certain homes. We know 100%  he  was lying because we could read it from the documents which accompanied Hyndman’s affidavit (Mortgage information, Purchase  Agreement, Service Ontario Records) and it was clear to see that these homes were not owned by Atkinson and Grieve. The true owners had different dates of birth, and one was married to a woman with a different name.  This affidavit was used to gain a Mareva Injunction against Atkinson and Grieve. 

And Carmen Santoro’s Statement of Claim is filled with lies. To cover just a portion of them requires a Post on it’s own.

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