Pretty Please....


What is the EDF? It’s a fund that’s meant to be used by Locals who are dealing with labor relations issues, contract issues, and other labor issues.

Our president Rob Hyndman, Executive V.P. Mark Train, 13th District V.P. Fred LeBlanc, and you guessed it, past president Carmen Santord, all gathered in Florida a couple months ago to attend an IAFF seminar (I’m sure they enjoyed themselves at our expense). While in Florida this cabal met with the IAFF to ask for a $50,000 loan to continue Santoro’s and Hyndman’s civil lawsuit against Atkinson and Grieve.

Were you members aware the cabal met with the IAFF to make this absurd request on your behalf? Why is this request absurd? Let’s briefly go over the facts of the last 4 years, the time period since Hyndman convinced the OPFFA Executive Board to proceed with this frivolous lawsuit. A lawsuit without witnesses, based on a petty personal Vendetta.

  1. The OPFFA begins using the Occupational Disease Fund to pay their Rahool Agarwal, Andrew McComb, and Nicolas Holmberg.  It took approximately 3 years for these lawyers to burn through every last cent, over a million dollars, of these widows’ donations. It would be very interesting to see what the widows and their families think of this misuse of funds.
  2. A sum of $54,063.00 was directed from the net working capital to the occupational disease action plan to support the ongoing legal costs. 
  3. In 2017 the OPFFA sold our property at 292 Plains road, Burlington, for well under market value.  They sold it for $1,190,000.00, and then approximately 3 weeks later the property resold for $2,200,000, and a short while after that it was resold for $2,400,000.00.  With the proceeds of the sale of that property the OPFFA purchased a Toronto condominium, otherwise known as “Chez Hyndman”. This property became our President’s de facto residence  while he dealt with his opiod addiction and his PTSD. The current value of the condo is unknown to us members, however the value of this Toronto property has surely increased over the last  few years. Ask yourselves why are they not willing to re-mortgage our property rather than asking the IAFF for an EDF loan to continue the suit and to pay Agarwal and his associates? Perhaps the OPFFA Executive have already borrowed against the condo? Perhaps the deed of the property is not in the association’s name and therefore is no longer an asset of the membership?
  4. The OPFFA fired Adam McDonald so they could save another $80,000,plus his benefits, to fund the lawsuit.
  5. At the 2019 OPFFA Convention our OPFFA executive and your Local executive boards supported assessing us members in order to continue the Santoro lawsuit. We don’t know the breakdown of the OPFFA per capita but we estimate It’s between $2 and $3 per member, per month. Which would be between $250,000.00 and $360,000.00. That’s another quarter of a million dollars out of our pockets going to pay Agarwal in order to continue their lawsuit.

It’s very difficult to calculate the totality of the lawsuit expenses due to the fact The OPFFA Executive board has not been forthcoming with our financial statements and reports. 

From what we’ve gathered so far it appears as though  $1.5 to $2 million has been wasted on Santoro’s personal vendetta lawsuit.

When will we members speak up and ask our executives at the OPFFA some serious questions regarding this lawsuit. Such as, is this request to the IAFF  a loan or a grant? If it’s a loan, at what point must it be repaid by us members? When will the OPFFA executive release a full disclosure of the costs  of this lawsuit thus far? How will the executive reimburse the widow’s donations to the OD fund? How does the Executive plan to finance any costs that are awarded to Grieve and Atkinson? How does the Executive plan to finance the cost of a possible counter suit by Atkinson and Grieve, and any award they receive? These are very serious questions that need to be answered!


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