What is Quid Pro Quo? It’s a Latin phrase used in English to mean a favour or advantage granted or expected in return for something,  when it is contingent upon the other. Phrases with similar meanings include “ a favour for a favour”, “give and take “, “tit for tat”, “ you scratch my back, and I’ll scratch yours”, and “ one hand washes the other”.

Let’s apply this phrase  Quid Pro Quo to the present day OPFFA,  it’s Executive Board, and the newly  unethically  appointed  OPFFA Directors Chris Varcoe (Mississauga President), Dan Vanderliee (Burlington President),  Peter Dyson (Oshawa President),  and  believe it or not, the great Frank Ramagnano (Toronto President, OMERS Board Member,  and  alleged CRA defrauder).  This last tidbit of information regarding Ramagnano hasn’t been announced yet for fear of backlash from the members! How much can one man slurp up from the trough?

How did  this move from democracy to authoritarianism take place? About this time last year all the above masterminds were gathered at the OPFFA convention in Collingwood. At this convention the full Executive Board brought forward a vote of non-confidence against our PTSD stricken and opioid addicted President Rob Hyndman. They had had enough of his incompetence and inability to do his job as President, never mind Firefighter.

This vote struck Hyndman very hard, thus having to leave the convention under duress. It was at that point the underbelly of the OPFFA got to work on how to save Hydnman and his reputation. This was led by the great Freddy LeBlanc (13th IAFF District Vice President), Frank Ramagnano, Chris Varcoe, Carmen Santoro (Oakville President), and a few other Presidents.

So the first Quid Pro Quo was to make sure the PTSD stricken and opioid addicted President Rob Hyndman didn’t get voted out. To do this the OPFFA underbelly had Frank Ramagnano  make a plea to the membership to defend Hyndman as President in exchange for a future Quid Pro Quo. With Frank Ramagnano’s support and his 3000 plus Toronto votes, Ramagnano secured Hyndman for another year. To terminate his end of the bargain, President Rob Hyndman gave  Frank Ramagnano one of the four new OPFFA Director positions. Frank sure is stacking up the favours with the dictatorship of the OPFFA!

With the help of Ramagnano’s 3000 votes, The OPFFA then concocted a constitutional change to allow Executive Members to finish their terms even after they reach the age of 60 and are retired. Guess who is now qualified?  CARMEN SANTORO! Yep, this allows Santoro to run for OPFFA President this year. Thanks Ramagnano  for your underhanded self serving deals!

So the Quid Pro Quo Ramagnano has with Santoro is for the constitutional change to allow Santoro to run for OPFFA PRESIDENT, and Ramagnano’s endorsement of Santoro for OPFFA President, and in exchange  Ramagnano is guaranteed to keep his new OPFFA Directors position  and his gravy train OMERS Board position.

The sad  thing about Ramagnano supporting this constitutional amendment and his UNWAVERING SUPPORT of  SANTORO is that  it keeps any new bright thinking candidate such as Kevin White from being elected and changing the downward direction of the OPFFA,  and changing  its self-serving dictatorship and new Directors. So instead of having the insight of looking to the future with a young intelligent democratic thinking candidate, FRANK RAMANGNO supports what serves him best, a 60 year old over the hill Liberal partisan supporter, CARMEN SANTORO.  By Ramagnano doing what he is doing, it takes any chance of the 70 plus medium and small size locals to ever have a voice or opinion.  Thanks FRANK RAMANGNO, FRED LABLANC, CARMEN SANTORO, the present EXECUTIVE BOARD, and the new OPFFA DIRECTORS for destroying and decimating the OPFFA. Time to disband! We still live in a democratic society here in Canada, how do these new Directors get these positions without a vote by the members? QUID PRO QUO.

P.S.      Check out the Carmen Santoro Tweet below that was re-Tweeted by Dan Vanderlelie. Santoro tweeted it out on May 18, congratulating the new OPFFA Directors who were appointed not elected. And even more appalling is that Santoro insinuates that he will be working with them as the new OPFFA President. Santoro knew the position would be given to him a month before the election (which it has).  Shame on these guys! They laugh at each and every one of us members. They are making a mockery of the profession!

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